Recession proof

After working as a Butcher for over 30 years, Tom Tudor decided that it was time to pursue his dreams of owning his own business. “It was now or never,” Tom reflects. “I realised if I didn’t make the change then, I never would.”

Since launching his Ovenclean business in 2009, Tom has found the support given by the franchisor ‘invaluable’ – especially during year one when he was establishing his business. By year two things were going really well and now in year three, the business is thriving. “I am surprised by how easy it is to make money,” Tom chimes.

Typically booked up between four and six weeks in advance, Tom says he’s always busy: “I tend to complete about four cleans a day and two on a Saturday to fit them all in, but I’m certainly not complaining.”

Eventually he sees himself growing the business by taking on an employee and an extra van to help cope with the growing demand, but at the moment he is happy; “It’s funny”, he reflects, “If I’m honest I don’t worry about the recession or financial problems because I don’t have any. Since I launched my business three years ago, I haven’t had a quiet period yet and now we’re into the Christmas rush – demand is skyrocketing.”

Tom believes Ovenclean’s simple, easy to manage model would suit people that are practical, hard-working and determined. “It’s hard work, but everything that Ovenclean said would happen, has. If you follow the formula and listen to the advice given, you will be successful.”

As one of the longest established and most successful domestic oven cleaning franchises in the UK, Ovenclean provides specialist oven cleaning services to a large marketplace.