ChipsAway business takes off!

Former RAF Weapons Technician Bob Laughlan is off to a flying start in Civvy Street, having joined forces with his old comrade: ChipsAway franchisee Jim Hughes.

'It's great working with my old mate once again!' beams Jim Hughes. 'We don't see much of each other as we're incredibly busy, but at least I no longer have to work 80 hour weeks!'

Bob Laughlan and Jim served over 20 years together in the RAF, but Jim left the force three years ago and decided to work for himself. He came across ChipsAway International at the British & International Franchise Exhibition in London, and declares that he was instantly impressed. 'ChipsAway stood head and shoulders above the other companies,' he recalls. 'They were very professional, informative and clearly successful.'

ChipsAway is the world's leading SMART repair specialist, with 350 franchisees in operation across the UK, and a network of Master Franchises overseas. The company's ground-breaking SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) system was first developed 16 years ago by ChipsAway Inc. in the USA.

Safe, clean and easy to use, SMART technology has revolutionised the way small scuffs, bumps and scratches to car paintwork are removed. There is no longer a requirement for paint booths and curing ovens, as whole panels need not be painted, but just the area of damage. This means that minor paint repairs can be carried out in a fraction of the time taken by a traditional body shop - and usually at around half the price. Importantly too, repairs can be carried out at a place convenient to the customer, so ChipsAway franchisees operate from a liveried VW vehicle, customised as a fully equipped mobile workshop.

In common with all ChipsAway franchisees, Jim initially attended one of the company's no-obligation Open Days at ChipsAway's Midlands Headquarters. Shortly afterwards, he launched his new franchise in Morayshire, Scotland. 'There is simply no competition for a mobile repair service like ChipsAway, so I was able to build up a lucrative niche in the market for myself,' he says. 'The only problem was, I was so busy that really I couldn't cope with all the work. So, when Bob mentioned that he was taking redundancy, it seemed the ideal opportunity to benefit us both.' Bob has been out with Jim on several jobs, and has undertaken formal training with ChipsAway. He is now a qualified technician - and a Godsend to Jim!

'Bob is thoroughly enjoying himself, I have two vehicles out on the road and both our diaries are fully booked well in advance. I didn't expect to have a second van in operation so soon, but both Bob and I are delighted with the way everything has worked out!'

With some 30 million cars on the road in the UK and around 15 million repair opportunities every year, clearly ChipsAway has hardly 'scratched the surface' of this £5.5 billion marketplace.

What makes the ChipsAway franchise different from others?

ChipsAway International is the world's leading SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) repair specialist, providing perfect repairs to car paintwork on a same-day basis and at around half the price of a traditional body shop.

So, with almost 30 million cars on the road in the UK and rapidly rising demand for repairs to minor bumps, scuffs and scratches, it's no wonder ChipsAway franchisees have full order books for weeks ahead and start to make money from week one.

  • Unique paint repair system
  • World leading brand
  • Proven unfulfilled demand
  • Massive market potential - 30 million vehicles
  • Personalised training and support package
  • Unlimited earning potential
  • Rapid return on investment

ChipsAway - not your normal 9-5

At ChipsAway International, we believe that life's too short to be miserable. Our franchisees think so too.They've left the world of nine-to-five, have the freedom to live life to the max, and are earning great money doing something they love.

Our customers love ChipsAway too.That's why they recommend us to their friends, and why ChipsAway franchisees are never short of work.

If you like the good things in life, you'll love ChipsAway. Find out more at one of our free no-obligation Open Days.

Reported by Megan Dunmore