Lee's SMART business move

ChipsAway International franchisee Lee Edgell says he permanently has a big smile on his face, ever since joining the UK's leading SMART (Small to Medium Area Repair Technology) repair franchisor

Over £12,500 worth of enquiries came in over just two days when Lee Edgell launched his new business on the first weekend of September last year. He currently has an order book full six weeks ahead and declares himself 'over the moon' with his franchise.

Although Lee (pictured right) works six days a week to keep up with demand for his services, he says he still has more flexibility in his life than ever before. 'Previously I was in the t-shirt printing business and had to be up at the crack of dawn every day,' he explains. 'I worked very long hours for not great rewards. Now I'm able to take my children to school and still have time to coach the local junior football team on Sundays. No wonder I have a constant smile on my face!'

In fact, as part of the marketing plan for his new business, Lee has sponsored the soccer team and every youngster now sports the ChipsAway logo on their sweatshirt (see inset picture right).

Lee admits he's a perfectionist - after all, the quality of his work is his best advertisement to potential customers - and unsurprisingly he's already making a name for himself locally. 'One of my customers was told by his dealership that his Jaguar would need a new door,' he says. 'But by the time I'd finished with it the car was as good as new and the customer became one of my biggest fans, recommending me to all his friends and colleagues. Another lady was quoted £1,800 by a body shop for repairs to her car, which I completed for her for £400 in less than four hours. Needless to say, she was delighted with the competitive price as well as the quality of the repair. I drew great satisfaction from those two jobs and the phone has hardly stopped since!'

Lee is the first to agree that starting your own business is not easy, but it can be reasonably hassle free with the right support. 'To reap real rewards you need to be prepared to work very hard, but the effort is well worth it,' he confirms. 'ChipsAway is a great franchise and you get tremendous ongoing support. I had a brilliant Business Developer who really helped me during my launch period and through the early days - but ultimately it's your business and it's up to you to make the best of the opportunity. When you invest in a ChipsAway franchise, you're buying the best. If you listen, learn and then give 100 per cent, you can't go wrong!'

ChipsAway has around 370 franchisees operating nationwide and a network of master franchises overseas. Based on unique technology, the ChipsAway system continues to dominate in the 'on-the-spot' SMART repairs sector, removing scratches, bumps and scuffs to car paintwork on a 'same day' basis and usually at a fraction of the price of a traditional body shop repair.

Text: Megan Dunmore

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Fast cars, fabulous holidays and your dream lifestyle. The ChipsAway franchise can offer all this and more.

We can provide a business opportunity that will generate a great living, right from the start, as well as the satisfaction of delivering a superb service. In fact, our franchise is built around satisfaction. We satisfy an increasing demand for our automotive paintwork repair services in a rapidly growing marketplace, and our customers are always delighted with our high quality repairs and convenient, low cost service.

Most importantly of all, our franchisees experience tremendous job satisfaction together with the rewards that come from running a successful business, and the sheer pleasure of loving every minute of it!

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