ChipsAway: Putting the 'AHHH' into SMART repairs

Ask a ChipsAway franchisee the best thing about the business and you may find the answer surprising

It's not the great earning potential, although the marketplace is enormous, with over 33 million vehicles on the road in the UK alone, and virtually untapped. Nor is it the dream lifestyle, although the rewards are certainly there if you're prepared to work for them - ChipsAway franchisees boast prestige sports cars, dream homes and holiday apartments abroad. It's not even the freedom of operating a mobile business with low overheads, flexible hours and a base at home with the family, although all these things are true of a ChipsAway franchise.

What sets a ChipsAway franchise apart is the stunning transformation of damaged car paintwork into a perfectly repaired, polished surface within only a matter of hours. If you've never seen it done, go along to one of the company's informal Open Days and see it for yourself - it's pretty impressive! Customers invariably are absolutely amazed, as well as delighted with the quality (and the price), and usually can't wait to show all their friends and neighbours. That's why every ChipsAway business is built on word of mouth recommendation and great job satisfaction.

ChipsAway franchisees are fully trained technicians, although to some of their customers they seem more like magicians! However, achieving this superb standard of paint repair takes weeks, not years. Most franchisees have no previous experience and come from backgrounds as diverse as plumbers and policemen.

The unique SMART (Small and Medium Area Repair Technology) system, first developed and introduced to the UK by ChipsAway, is so easy to learn. Open Day visitors are able to have a go - with a little guidance from an experienced ChipsAway franchisee - and are surprised at how quickly the techniques can be picked up, as franchisee Lee Chaplin testifies. In fact, he says the introduction of the new ChipsAway AquaClear system has made achieving perfect paint repairs even simpler than ever!

Lee ditched the long hours and cut-throat environment of being a courier and reclaimed his life, purchasing a ChipsAway franchise two years ago. Not that he's working any fewer hours as a ChipsAway franchisee, but he determines his own work schedule, loves doing what he does and is earning significantly more than he did before. 'Before I started my ChipsAway business, I was feeling trapped, unhappy and broke!' he says.

Lee is unusual in that he had some experience of spray painting after he left school, so when he attended a ChipsAway Open Day he seized the opportunity to try his hand at a ChipsAway repair and, unsurprisingly, did rather well. 'I won their 'Golden Brush Award'!' he smiles. 'I thoroughly enjoyed doing it, and realised as the day progressed that this is something that is fun to do, offers real job satisfaction and has huge market potential.'

Lee has been flat out from day one. Since he launched in October 2005, his order books are consistently full for two weeks ahead. 'The work just keeps flowing in,' he beams. 'Now I have the energy and positive outlook to enjoy everything so much more. My wife and friends can't believe how much happier I am since I made the change to ChipsAway!'

Do you feel this good on Mondays?
Fast cars, fabulous holidays and your dream lifestyle. The ChipsAway franchise can offer all this and more.

We can provide a business opportunity that will generate a great living, right from the start, as well as the satisfaction of delivering a superb service. In fact, our franchise is built around satisfaction. We satisfy an increasing demand for our automotive paintwork repair services in a rapidly growing marketplace, and our customers are always delighted with our high quality repairs and convenient, low cost service.

Most importantly of all, our franchisees experience tremendous job satisfaction together with the rewards that come from running a successful business, and the sheer pleasure of loving every minute of it!

'Seeing is believing' - Find out more at one of our informal Open Days.

Written by: Megan Dunmore